Salma Sakhnini

Salma Sakhnini


Salma Sakhnini is the Managing Director of ICON and has spent over 25 years in Banking, Consulting, Strategy, Quality Operations, Restructuring, Human Resource Development and Sales. Her extensive expertise spans various sectors including Financial Services, Advisory, Investment Banking, Public sector and Manufacturing. Before joining ICON, Salma held a number of senior leadership positions, working as Regional Vice President with Citibank for 12 years and as Chief Operating Officer with Rasmala Investments.

Salma is a specialist in Strategic Planning and Implementation who charts the way for companies and institutions to become quality organizations. She has trained and mentored in leadership, management and the development of human resources. Her international business pedigree is most accurately reflected in her direct engagement experience and achievements. From establishing and managing her own group of companies to managing an investment bank, to transforming the corporate culture of leading banks; heading up business process re-engineering projects and developing strategies; from performance enhancement to troubleshooting and restructuring – Salma Sakhnini is renowned practitioner of business best practice and leadership.

Additionally, Salma has played an active role in the community through consulting for the public sector in the Gulf Region – actively working with reform teams – and lecturing at the American University of Dubai. She has been a speaker at various regional and international conferences and held executive workshops on leadership, strategic planning, quality, six sigma and performance improvement.

Ms. Sakhnini earned her Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and Diploma in Education from the American University of Beirut. She earned her Master in Business Administration from Yale University.